About Us

When our eldest daughter started on solids it was adorable. She'd nibble away on fruits and vegetables, and our biggest concern was a stained bib. Cut to six months later and the feeding game had changed completely. The dining area looked more like the aftermath of a food fight than a photo-worthy moment for the family album. We'd be retrieving food from her hair, ears and clothes not to mention dodging the occasional blueberry! And it was messy. Oh, so messy.


We couldn't find a decent infant meal mat out there, so you could say we were motivated by frustration to find a way to protect our carpets and floors (as well as our sanity).  We experimented with a few different materials and designs and seeing a gap in the market, eventually invested in a wide format Eco-solvent printer.


We're now able to supply our spill mats in a variety of designs from our standard range to your very own unique customised graphics. And what's more, they're affordable and very effective. 

Baby Feeding Mats product
Heavy Duty 550gsm PVC Fabric with Heat Sealed Edges

About our Mats

We are now making our mats from a more sustainable, 50% recycled media product. Sourcing a robust and flexible material has been key to the success of Baby Feeding Mats. We use 450gsm recycled banner PVC with an interwoven fabric to ensure durability and longevity.  The edges are sealed to minimise fraying and eliminate the need for hems. You'll find our mats fully waterproof and ready to go the distance.  


As in the photo, the top side of the mat is smooth for easy cleaning and the underside is textured to offer a bit more grip. After each meal or play session simply wipe it with a cloth, then fold or roll for easy storage.


We're proud to be reducing our carbon footprint and aim to use a 100% recycled material when the technology allows.