Baby Feeding Mats

make cleaning up after meals much easier.  They'll protect your carpets and floors and help reduce some of that meal time stress.  Especially if your wee darling is a lil' bit tired n' tetchy or prone to bouts of random food throwing!  They're also great for painting, play-dough or any other potentially messy activities! 

Made in New Zealand

from a heavy duty 550gsm durable plastic material reinforced with a fibrous weave for long lasting strength.


Easy to Clean

No hems means food can't get trapped!  The glossy surface and heat sealed edges make cleaning up a breeze. Simply wipe with a damp cloth then fold away for tidy storage!


Good Size

at 1370mm x 1370mm these mats provide a large catchment area for the messiest child without taking over your entire floor space.  Available in a range of colourful designs or with your own custom image/artwork

Highchair Mat
Baby Splat Mat



"Just received my mat this morning, wow what an awesome product! I should have bought this years ago, my husband has been telling me to buy a mat of some sort but I couldn't find anything easy enough to clean or affordable for what it would be used for. I'd been using a sheet but that always gets tangled up. This is awesome and I will definitely be recommending this to all my friends, thanks so much!"


Amy Tu'ifuaivaha, Christchurch


Available Designs.  See Shop for prices